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 90% of marketers consider video to be a critical part of their strategies. Especially videos that are watched on social networks.


Why do people choose videos for social media?

Social video has its own characteristics and is created specifically for social networks in order to increase views, likes, reposts, and thus increase sales and brand loyalty.


Each social network has its own characteristics, and it needs a certain approach, so the video should:

- Motivate users to share it;

- Create virality;

- Videos should be as natural as possible

- Your task is to satisfy you needs and needs of your users with the video.


What is the purpose of video distribution in social networks?

You might be wondering if social videos can pay off, let's break it down.

Each social network, where you can publish your videos, has its own characteristics for example - YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook. According to statistics, 76% of people want to see information about the company after watching a video.

Social media videos are viewed mostly by people between the 14 and 33 ages. They don't watch TV anymore, most of their life takes place in phones or laptops.

Video is much more effective and has a strong impact on the audience than text. New social media algorithms are giving video posts an edge now.

If you think you are not ready to shoot a video yet, this is a wrong judgment. You need to start acting now, because your competitors are already doing it.

Videos can increase sales tenfold, and you won't even understand how it happened.

To track video marketing performance, you need to set the right metrics to track sales growth.


Benefits of video for social media:

- Increase and growth of sales

- Increased brand confidence

- Growth of position in organic search results

- Video works for you 24/7 by informing people about your brand


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