Explainer video

 The main task of the “explainer video” is to tell the client everything about the company or product in detail and with high quality. The generation of modern Internet users want to get the most information with spending a minimum of their time.

It is necessary to create an "explainer" so after viewing that each person can clearly understands the benefits of a product or service that a particular company provides. The “Explainer Video” is not a promotional video, but the benefits of creating it are enormous.

First point is that the user doesn't have to waste much time on reading lots of information, looking for the essence of the project. Watching a 2-3 minutes video clip is more fun.

Secondly, it is much easier to transfer information through the video format, but it works more efficiently. After viewing a high-quality "explainer", a potential client doesn't have additional questions or doubts.

Thirdly, the absence of a direct advertising message doesn't negate the fact that the "explainer" can increase conversions. Placing such a video on the site can help to increase the duration of the user's stay on the page, the depth of viewing, the number of links to the site on other resources. Because users are far more likely to share a video than sharing any other format for presenting information.


Your business definitely needs an "Explainer" if:

- The company, product or service is new and you need to effectively present it to potential customers.

- Want to streamline your workflows. It is much faster and easier to bring the customer to the purchase after viewing the "explainer". The bounce rate is also dropping.

- Need to increase brand awareness. The distribution of the video on the Internet will strengthen the position of the company and attract new users.



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