How much my video costs?
The cost of a video depends not only on the length of the raw footage, but also on the complexity of the work, the number of titles and animation that needs to be done, etc. Therefore, the cost for each project is calculated individually. To estimate the cost, we need to see all the raw footage, as well as know the technical task (script) for the video.
How to shoot real estate video?
How long will you take to create my video?
Can I make changes to the final video?
Are you shooting video?
Whats about payment?
We now have a hot offer "video first, then payment" (the promotion does not apply to large projects and wedding videos). As soon as your video is ready, we send it to you in low quality with our watermark. After you make the payment, you will receive a video in good quality and without watermarks.
For large projects and wedding videos, we take a minimum advance payment (10%) to start work. In this case, we conclude an agreement with a detailed description of the service, as well as the introduction of a certain amount at the beginning of work. You pay the rest of the payment when the video is ready and approved by you.
Payment for very large projects and long-term cooperation is discussed separately.
How can I transfer my videos / photos to you?
What's the best length for a promotional video?
What are some tips for shooting the best video for editing?
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