Real Estate

Better to see once than read or hear many times.

People perceive information much better through a video than by reading text or seeing photographs. This is confirmed by the popularity of social networks and services related to video content (YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).

The video can help your client get to know the property much better, without leaving home, being in warmth and comfort.
A professionally made video can favorably distinguish the property against the background of other proposals and significantly increase the chances of a quick sale of real estate. Also can help you promote your brand and maximize traffic to your pages on social networks, which are by far the best place to advertise and increase sales.

Wow Editors can help you with all this!


Your finished video may include the following parts:

Drone video showing the interior of the house, its location, as well as its surroundings.


A video shot from the ground showing the interior and possibly the exterior of the property.


A video with a google map showing the location of the propertyand important places near the property (shops, parks, schools,roads, universities, etc.).You don't need to havean alreadyshot video for this.We can make videosusing onlythe google map. Also, you can add
photos of a property, in caseyou have them.


Interview. In addition to showing the property there canbe an agent in the video too who can present the property. Such a videomaximizes the credibility of the agent and is much better perceived by potential buyers who watch the video. Also, it is a great way to advertise with your participation to promote your pages on social networks.


Slideshow. We use real estate photography to create

a beautiful slideshow with real estate information.



Of course, all this can be added to one video, combined with each other as you wish. We can add an intro with your logo, an outro with your info and titles. Also, we can add various effects to the video to attract the viewer's attention.

We advise you to create a video which is not longer than 2-3 minutes. The optimal video is 1-2 minutes in length. 

The  costs of creating a real estate video start at $ 50



More examples of our work you will find on our YouTube channel WOW EDITORS

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