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 The logo is the face of the brand. Therefore, its creation must be approached with all responsibility, entrusting this process to a team of creative professionals.


Why you need to animate your logo:


  1. An animated logo increases brand awareness.

The main goal of any logo is to make the brand more recognizable. By ordering an animated logo you creating a more memorable image in consumers mind. In most cases, the logo is a static image. And to remember it the client must stumble upon it at least several times. Because of animation your brand can sparkle with new colors of motion, sound and color - and immediately grab the user's attention. Professional logo animation can impress the client and stay in his mind for a long time.


  1. An animated logo grabs attention.

Such a logo has a better chance of an emotional connection with the target audience than a static one. It is also more likely to attract the attention of a potential consumer. Given the fact that people are consuming more and more online content every day, it is quite a difficult task to attract and retain their attention. However, creating an animated logo makes it much easier.


  1. Animated logo is available.

It's no secret that marketing costs tend to increase rapidly. To stay in a game, you constantly need new marketing materials and strategies to promote it. And that can quickly eat up your entire budget. But you can use the animated logo in different ways and more than once. This is a one-time investment that will benefit you over the years.


  1. An animated logo makes the brand more consistent.

If a company is successful enough, it probably orders not only an animated logo, but also video presentations, educational films, etc. You can make these videos look more professional by adding an animated version of your logo. This can give them consistency and can work for the brand image with each new viewing.


Where can you use it?

- As the beginning/end of corporate (presentation, training, etc.) company videos. It doesn't matter into what type of a video you put your logo. Use it as an intro to improve brand awareness. Or as the ending of a video - to call viewers to action (for example, visit the company's website).

- Throughout the video. You can also use a smaller version of the brand logo throughout the video in one of its bottom corners.

- At company presentations at various exhibitions, seminars, business negotiations, etc.

- On the company's website as a permanent logo. Most brands use their static logos in the header of their website. Change this tradition to using an animated version of your logo instead of a static one.

- On social networks. For example, on Instagram. It is a completely visual social media platform, making it the perfect place to showcase your brand logo. The animated logo can be shown here as a short video or as a part of an Instagram story.



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